The Uncharted Body

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The Uncharted Body

The Uncharted Body

Prix régulier $198.00
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Auteur: Dr. Daniel Keown Nombre de pages: 351 Edition: 2020 Hardcover The Uncharted Body

The new Hardback copy of The Uncharted Body comes with 350 full colour pages and over 300 illustrations.

This is an essential addition to your library and with its stunning cover and double page spreads will grace your waiting room, home or study.

The Uncharted Body - Hardback is a big book! It measures 306 mm x 250 mm x 35 mm and a weight of 2.11 kg. It is big on size but light on reading - designed for leisurely strolling through the pages, enjoying the illustrations and letting the wisdom of Chinese medicine seep into your pores with the minimum of effort.

This is a book to reignite your passion for understanding how the body, mind and spirit works… that, and impressing your friends.




  • Glossary
  • Understanding Qi
  • Understanding the Acupuncture Channels
  • Qi Physiology
  • Qi Pathology
  • The Sinew Channels
  • Point Physiology
  • The Transport ( Other) Points


  • Introduction to the Substances
  • Shén
  • Essence
  • Bllod
  • Body Fluids
  • Introduction to the Pathogens
  • Cold
  • Damp-Heat/Phlegm
  • Dryness
  • Damp
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • The Four Levels


  • The Six Divisions
  • Tàiyáng
  • Shàoyáng
  • Yángmìng
  • Introduction to the Yin Organs
  • Tàiyīn
  • Shàoyīn
  • Juéyīn

Part III-V

  • Reproductive Health
  • The Extraordinary Channels
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
Authors Notes References Index Surface Anatomy and Cùn

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